A Horse Is A Horse.....Of Course, Of Course

Shortly after newlyweds Wilbur Post and his wife Carol move into their new home, they discover a horse in the barn left to them by the previous owner.

Wilbur finally persuades Carol to let him keep the horse, and the TV comedy show, Mister Ed, is born.

The star of the show was a sometimes cantankerous, always lovable horse named.....Mister Ed. The first time Wilbur brushes his new horse, he discovers quite a phenomenon, Mister Ed can talk!

But Wilbur is the only person Mister Ed likes well enough to talk to, which creates some quite humorous situations in future episodes of the show.

And as you can imagine, Mister Ed's insistence on only talking to Wilbur got poor Wilbur into all kinds of trouble! Mischievous Mister Ed would use the telephone or get out of his stable leaving Wilbur to get him out of the mess.

You see, Mister Ed was never just content to be a horse. He wanted to do everything a human could. So he drove a delivery truck, met celebrities, flew an airplane, gave a birthday party for all his horse buddies, and even tried his hoof at playing baseball.

One show would find him wearing a Beatle wig, the next he was delivering newspapers, flying a kite, or vacuuming the carpet in his barn.

Mister Ed didn't like being alone and when Wilbur went on vacation to Hawaii, he had to go along. On the beach Mister Ed astonished Wilbur as he is found "hanging ten" on his surfboard riding out the waves.

Various episodes had Mister Ed enthralled with attractive young fillies, even courting Clint Eastwood's horse.Once Ed fell in love with a spirited filly and wanting to know the future had Wilbur take him to a gypsy to have his hoof read. And of course Ed wrote to Dear Abby because he wanted his own bachelor stall down at the stables.

But when Ed wasn't getting Wilbur into all sorts of precarious predicaments, he would be found relaxing in his barn in front of his black and white TV watching his favorite doctor show, or he and Wilbur would be playing chess.

Big hearted, on one show when Carol developed an allergy to horses, Ed volunteered himself for the Air Force guard duty. Another time, broken hearted over the loss of his dream filly, he joined the Peace Corps.

And who can forget when Ed was found wearing glasses in public and decided it was time for him to get contacts.

Feeling unfulfilled as a horse, Ed took up painting; then another time he was the hero as he discovered clues that helped the Secret Intelligence Agency recover stolen papers.

In the very last episode, Wilbur tries his best to persuade Ed to stick to being a horse. But Ed won't hear of it and makes up his mind to enter college to become a doctor.

Away from the cameras and bright lights, Mister Ed started his days as a parade and show horse named Bamboo Harvester. He was foaled in 1949 in El Monte, California.

On occasion Mister Ed had a "stunt zebra" do some difficult scenes, but there is no truth to the rumor that Mister Ed was always played by a zebra. Mister Ed was a horse.....of course.

His trainer, Les Hilton, used peanut butter to make Mister Ed move his mouth on cue. Mister Ed loved the stuff so much, he couldn't stop licking his lips and therefore completed virtually all his scenes in one take.

Suffering from a variety of leg and other health problems, he was quietly put to sleep in 1970 with no publicity.

Ed won some Patsy Awards. (Oscars for animals) In 1962 & 1963 Mister Ed won 1st place for the "Mister Ed" series. He was awarded 2nd place in 1964, then 3rd place winner in 1965. The categories include all types of animals not just horses.

A horse is a horse, of course, of course, and no one can talk to a horse of course. Unless that horse is the famous horse, the talking Mister Ed.

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