Cat Macros - Page 9 - Funny Captions with funny pictures

Take an amusing picture, add some funny comment (usually terribly spelled) and wham! You have a cat macro. Please note, these are not our images, nor do we claim copyright over them, they are only posted for the viewers enjoyment and in the belief these images are within the public domain. Please do not hotlink, if you wish to keep an image, save it by right clicking and selecting "Save As". If you are the creator of any of these images and wish them removed, please contact us. If you have any cat macros you wish to share, .

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Your Turn

Bugger Off

Well Do You

Butt Say Shi

I Make My Own Sunbeemz

Cat Perfumes R Fayle

Clean Now

I Has A Feather

You Fail

This Is Inadequate

Not Bewbies

I Will Cut You Deep

I Ate Your Baby

Taste The Rainbow


Destroy You

Mitosis Cat

Bai I Love U