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Exotic Links

Animal House - Information for owners on the behavior captive care feeding and diseases of exotic pets.
Black Pine Animal Park: Exotics as Pets - This sanctuary for rescued and retired animals talks about some of the more exotic animals and gives reasons why it would be a good idea not to own them. Also gives a list of questions to consider before purchasing or adopting any exotic pet.
EOTC-Pets Forums - Message board with focus on Chinchillas but includes other pets and animals.
Exotic Pet Information - Explores realm of exotic and alternative pet ownership including information and links for flying squirrels skunks bearded dragons savannah monitors hedgehogs tarantulas and opossums.
Exotic Pets - Articles links and resources for exotic pets.
Exotic Pets from Bella Online - Information board with an exotic pet chat room on exotic pets and new legislation. - Pictures of various exotic animals.
Opossums - Informational site with pictures and links to breeders and people who have opossums as pets.
Pygmy Pets Exotic Animals - Advises on care and feeding of sugar gliders and wallabies.
R-Zu-2-U Exotic Pets - Photographs facts newsletter books and links on many breeds of exotic pets.
Raising Opossums - Article gives techniques for raising orphaned opossums.
Sybils Den: Exotic Pets - A personalized look into the lives of exotic animals. Information pictures message board and alternatives for raising exotic animals.
The Exotic Animals Care and Conservation Resource Site - Website links about exotic animals: zoos endangered species information conservation training and operant conditioning behavioral enrichment education volunteer programs and career opportunities.