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Ferrets Links

500 Things My Ferret Told Me - Information on the book as well as other merchandise and an "ask the ferret" feature.
Amy's Ferret Resource Page - A collection of recommended resources on the internet for general information supplies nutrition community and fun extras like clipart and postcards.
Angora Ferrets - Information on and link to a Yahoo! discussion group for angora ferret enthusiasts.
Barnaby A. Ferret Cartoon - Comics featured in Modern Ferret magazine. Cartoons archives photographs e-cards clip-art and merchandise.
Brat Babies Postcards - E-cards with pictures of ferrets featuring Java graphics music and customizable messages. Site also includes other animal and miscellaneous cards.
Carpet SharksInk - Yahoo group for pet owners.
Commando Fuzz Forum - Moderated forum.
Everything Ferret - Current information on ferret ownership nutrition health issues grooming and housing. Plus a ferret chat toy and game ideas shopping and stories.
Extreme Weezils - A glimpse into the life of a family with several pet ferrets. Information on care and on how to help shelters photos webcam original clip art anecdotes ferret wordz glossary journal and product reviews.
Ferret Central - FAQ for ferrets news and links to other resources for information about care handling and medical topics.
Ferret Chat Server - Chat forum pictures information on angora ferrets and link list.
Ferret Family Services - Ten commandments for a responsible ferret guardian.
Ferret Health List - Discussion group with searchable archives.
Ferret Luv - Book list nutrition humor toys and bedding links and New Hampshire resources.
Ferret Universe - Scored quizzes on ferret knowledge and information on health and care as well as photos message board and chat room. - Pictures of the major fur color classifications; information on color changes and variations. - A web community for ferret lovers and people seeking information on ferrets as pets. Includes discussion forums articles and picture gallery. - A community site featuring news articles forum and links to other resources.
Ferrets - Informational site on ferrets as pets with related links ferrets rescues and pictures.
Ferrets and Other Beasts - Videos pictures wallpaper ASCII art and a webcam of ferrets and cats. In German and English.
FerretStore - Discussion forum for pet owners. - Information on the care of ferrets as well as photos and a forum. - Information on the care of ferrets including photos and a forum.
Frolicking Ferrets - MSN groups mailing list and club for ferret-related advice and socializing as well as photo contest e-cards links fun features memorials and classifieds.
Fuzzy Central - News on the webmaster's ferrets monthly photo contest photo galleries forum webring shelter list classified ads links general information and information on the Greater Lakes Ferret Association.
House Ferrets and Small Pets Club - Smartgroups club for discussion of care showing and sales of ferrets and other small pets.
Hug-A-Woozel - Forum photo contests and other fun features as well as general links and resources and information on the webmaster's ferrets.
Independent: Ferrets Shed Their Old Image to Become the New Designer Pet - Owen Fairclough. Brief article on the shift in ownership of ferrets as pets.
Life With Ferrets - site with links articles and discussions.
Lost Ferrets - Lost and found advertisements regional shelter listings ferret-proofing tips.
Louise's London Ferrets - MSN group with forum community features pictures and information.
Modern Ferret Magazine - Fun and informative resource created for ferret owners by ferret owners. Site includes subscription and ordering information and descriptions of magazine contents.
Mustela Canada - Canadian links and contacts pictures advice on treats and lighthearted features such as nicknames ferret math songs and anecdotes.
Pam Troutman's Ferret Forum - Articles and answers to submitted questions on ferrets.
Quincy's Ferret Veterinarian Listing - A place to find or share ferret-friendly veterinarians in the US. Listed by state.
Rainy's Ferret Page - A variety of articles and information including health and disorders legalization and related animals.
SoYouWanna Get a Ferret? - A step-by-step article on the process of responsibly choosing a ferret and keeping it safe and happy.
The Basics of Ferret Care - Article by a veterinarian discussing proper ferret care and nutrition.
The Ferret as a Pet - General information keeping and raising ferrets in the house and the fun part.
The Ferret Fanciers - Features ferret information and resources as well as photos games stories mailing list message board and chat room.
The Ferret Owner's Manual - Online booklet covering a variety of topics in caring for ferrets.
The King of Clowns: The Ferret - BellaOnline article providing general information cautions and care tips for ferrets.
The Modern Ferret News - A free e-newsletter featuring pet ferret care information and tips. Site includes archived articles current issue and subscription information.
The Weezil Pages of Doom - Advice on proper care from a ferret's perspective and a page for ferrets trying to take over the world.
The World of Furry O's Ferrets - Information on a rescue and breeder in southeast Pennsylvania as well as tips on how to help general ferret care advice and a memorial page. - Ferret newsletter covering issues related to the care of pet ferrets. Photographs ferret names articles by topic glossary links and information on events.
Zen and the Art of Ferrets - Answers to submitted questions about ferrets; information on ferrets for sale or for adoption from the shelter.