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4 Higgins - Animal cruelty issues poems stories memorials pet care forum and related links.
A Family of Special Needs Cats and Dogs - Photographs and descriptions of a family of cats and dogs.
A Tribute To Our Pets - Pet photos stories memorials rainbow bridge heroic pets and pet rescue links.
Allie Caet's Zoo - About a family of pets.
Angelas Place - Mynah birds cats and dogs information pictures and stories free postcards and background sets. Site in German and English.
Angelpaws Sites - Animal cartoons including angel cats and dogs unicorns and other mythical creatures. Also defends the dog breed American Pit Bull Terrier.
Animal Zone - Information on keeping and caring for dogs snakes ducks snails and ferrets.
Anna's Critters - Anna's information about three horses a mule a donkey three basenjis two cats a flock of ducks and chickens and Lily the prairie dog. Includes guest book.
Carries Critters - Information about how to take care of hedgehogs hermit crabs and fish as well as a photo album.
Colleen's Critter Cave - Information about pets pet food and spay and neuter programs.
Cory's Site of All that's Furry - Dedicated to an American Staffordshire puppy and four cats.
Cosette's Lair - The story of Cosette a former stray and her two brothers and two sisters three shelter dogs and a cat including a photo album.
Denise and Mom's Pets Page - Some general information on cat and dog care as well as pictures.
Dorothy Hoffman's Creature Feature Library - Articles on pets and animals.
Dr. Whiteley - A Pets and People Site - Veterinarian and author offers information about dogs and cats with excerpts from her books. Includes guest book.
Featherland - Information on the aviaries cattery and kennel along with cat related articles including genetics and health.
For Lovers of Rabbits and Guinea Pigs - Pictures of house rabbits and guinea pigs.
Fuzzy Pals - Descriptions pictures and anecdotes of pets including dogs a ferret and a rabbit.
Heather's Room With a Zoo - Get to know Heathers pets.
Heather's World - Pictures of Heather's pets including small rodents housepets and a lizard. Also guest book and related links.
Helen's Pet World - Information about and pictures of the author's Siberian Husky Shiba Inu rabbits and frogs.
Here Are Some Pictures of Our Pets - Pictures of a family of cats and dogs.
How to Cope With Pets - Pet care advice with FAQs.
Indiana and Family - Indiana the dog talks about her life and the other members of the family including Shakesphere the cat. Includes guest book.
Info-Pet - Answers to commonly asked questions about your pets and their maintenance with related links
Janet's Family Pets - Celebrating not only Janet's pets but others as well. Current news about the animal kingdom and some educational comments.
Jaskims Pet Community - A community sharing dog photos humor message board and stories.
Kitty Cat Furballs - Information on pet welfare and health along with humor recipes greeting cards and animal sound files.
Lene Moellgaard - Featuring Shagya Arabian and purebred Arabian horses Akita Japanese and Pembroke dogs. Shares opinions on training and keeping the animals.
Llandudno's World - Pictures and information about this pet tortoise along with a children's story.
Matt's Website - Matt's gallery of his pet hamsters and rabbits. Includes a section on anime plus related links.
Menagerie Mansion - Information about Rhiannon Husser's horses and other pets.
Molly's World - Dedicated to the 4-legged community and their servants. Includes stories photos facts fiction humor applet galleries and a newspaper in the works.
More Than Pets - Features stories of formerly homeless pets in an effort to promote responsible pet ownership and encourage others to adopt shelter and rescue pets.
MsCat's Animal Alley - Provides general information on animal care and welfare. [Recreation/Pets/Personal_Pages]
My Menagerie - Pictures of the author's pets.
My Pets - Presentation of Mary-B.'s family pets.
My Pets & Rescues - Includes pictures and information on the author's pets including mammals reptiles fish and birds.
My Sweet Cats and Dog - English version of an Italian webpage dedicated to the webmaster's cats and dog.
Our Pets House - Pictures and stories about a dog cat and ferret. [Requires Flash]
Pet Central - Information on how to best care for your pet. Includes articles featured pet of the month message board and related links.
Pet King - Answers to questions about pets and the sale of pets.
Pet Lore - Read or submit articles relating to the relationship between pets and their owners.
Pets Online 2001 - Pet care info homemade toys photos videos strange facts names and related links
Pets-N-Places - Stories and pictures of family pets including a pet memorial Rainbow Bridge tribute page.
Pets101 - Guide about getting a new pet and an archive of pictures.
Prayer List For Pets - Mailing list accepts prayer requests for pets or other animals in need regardless of the circumstance. No membership required.
Scorpeo's Web - Information about the author's pets as well as general information about dogs cats and the BARF diet.
Shane and Kym's Place - Information on them their dogs and cats with photographs.
Snow White Wolfs Dedication Page - Dedicated to dogs horses unicorns dragons and teddy bears with information and links.
Sophie Molly Rosie Mimi Lola Poppy Mia Disko Baby Flora Fuana and Merryweather - Family pets including cats dog hamster rabbit and rats.
Staffordshire Bull Terriers and Pigeons - Dedicated to the breeding and showing of pigeons and dogs. Includes forum and guest book.
Storks Cats Remodeling and Art. - Information on stork nest platforms see his cat Oaktree and house getting renovated.
Stuff I Like - Judy's dog and bird stories. Includes slide shows with underwater and vacation pictures.
Tappajabba - Pets Bugs n Beasties - Information about keeping pets. Includes related links.
The Candia Zoo - Offers information stories and pictures of the author's various pets.
The LynesZoo - Their hobbies animals philosophy and family.
The MiliMoje Beloved Pet Home Page - Pictures of our beloved house pets along with stories about them and our list members.
The Pet Corner - The animals of the Davidson family from Ontario Canada.
The Pet Page - Some pet stories that are sent to the siteowner.
The Pet Site - About siamese cats labradors german shepherds great danes horses and rabbits with photographs.
The Tyger's Den - Photos and stories of the owners cats and dogs as well as other peoples cats.
The Ultimate Animal Stop - Pet jokes poems and stories. Photo contest and learn more about what is currently affecting animals.