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Reptiles and Amphibians Links

Ark Reptile Group - Offers forums pictures and information on reptile amphibian and exotic pet keeping in the UK including the National UK Reptile Rescue Database.
Atlanta Pet Classifieds - Online pet classifieds which are free to browse and list an add in.
Atlanta Reptile Show - Reptile and exotic animal show held in Atlanta twice yearly. Breeder booths exhibits and seminars on reptiles. - Listing of reptile breeders and dealers forum and care sheets for snakes lizards and monitors. Includes free classifieds auctions FAQs and herp vet listings.
Center for Reptile and Amphibian Propagation and Conservation - Dedicated to human education and the protection of reptiles and amphibians. Also home to the Last Chance Reptile Rescue located in Indianapolis IN.
Corn Snakes as Pets - Offers information for corn snakes as pets including their care gentle personality and a forum discussion.
Devin's Amphibian And Reptile Information Site - Care sheets about amphibian and turtle species links pictures of many amphibians.
Education and information for pet owners - Links to sites with information about care including feeding health housing and other topics to provide care.
Florida International Reptile Show - Sales exhibits and seminars on reptiles throughout the day. Held twice yearly. [Tampa FL]
Florida Reptile and Alternative Pet Show/Sale - Information pictures and maps on the Davie Boca/Deerfield and West Palm Beach reptile and alternative pet shows.
Herp HQ - Information on pacman frogs ball pythons and various geckos.
International Amphibian Day - A series of events for amphibian enthusiasts from around the world including a show and sale lectures and public education.
Melissa Kaplan's Herp and Iguana Care Information Collection - Comprehensive information on the captive care health behavior conservation pet trade issues and resources for reptiles. Includes care section for amphibians.
Mistergecko's Place - Information on the care of common reptiles. Listing anole gecko and snake information. Includes articles.
No Imports - Illustrating the kind of cruelty imported animals can go through.
Northwest Frog Fest - A captive bred amphibian show scheduled for November 1 2003. - Information on the various aspects of the reptile and amphibian world with a focus on Canadian content.
Ravenscroft Reptiles - Price lists genetics care sheets genetics gallery and links.
Reptiles 2000 - Lists care sheets on over 50 reptiles pictures and links.
Reptiles in the Green - Forums articles equipment and supplies gallery and links.
Reptiles... Among Other Things - Personal site with information concerning many aspects of reptile care including iguanas bearded dragons leopard geckos turtles and tortoises and also snakes.
Reptilia - Specializing in the education retail sale and breeding of reptiles and amphibians. Features upcoming events gallery care sheets film division education retail stories and general information.
Ryche's Lizards and Turtles - Information on health care housing feeding and breeding different lizards and turtles.
Sleep1937's Amphibians - Offers amphibian pictures links general information and care sheets.
Snake Utopia - Collection of pictures to help you identify what snake you have. Also offers information on snakes as well as other reptiles and amphibians.
Stern's Splendors of the Rain Forest - Images of frogs toads and birds. Also includes a variety of flowers links and sounds.
Terrariumweb - Links and gallery for snakes lizards and tarantulas.
The Reptile House Animal Allsorts - Provides information about care and maintenance along with caresheets picture galleries show dates and information links to clubs and societies venomous section and movies.
Tricia's Frog Care - Mini caresheets covering several species of frogs which are commonly kept as pets.
Turtle Tails - Pictures of turtles toads snakes and frogs with some background information. Includes links.
Virtual Vivarium - Contains general information on feeding and housing frogs and reptiles.