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Rodents Links

Cavy Rescue - Has informative guides useful links plus e-newsletters for various rodents.
Degus and Chinchillas Ring - Webring for sites about degus or chinchillas.
Eva's Rodent Reference - Advice from an enthusiast on the care and breeding of popular rodents including guinea pigs rats and mice.
NetVet - Rodents - Compilation of resources.
Rodentfancy - International directory for domestic rodent information pet care genetics message boards and chat.
Small and Furries - Information on small rodents including selected species of hamsters jirds voles degus mice dormice lemmings and rats. Features photos chat facility message board and articles.
The Pet Rodent Homepage - Basic description of several common species general care and information and genetics.
The Rodent Weekly - The world's largest newspaper written by and for rodents -- receives no government subsidies whatsoever.