Veterinary Acronyms Explained

[A] [B] [C] [D] [E] [F] [G] [H] [I] [J] [K] [L] [M] [N] [O] [P] [Q] [R] [S] [T] [U] [V] [W] [X] [Y] [Z]

# - fracture
A- - inappetant
A/B - antibiotic
AB - antibiotic
abax - abaxial
abc - antibiotics
abd or abdo - abdomen or abdominal
abd n - abdomen palpated and no abnormality detected
abs or ABs - antibiotics
abx - antibiotics
AC - anterior chamber (of the eye)
ADR - ain't doing right
adv - advise or advice
AG - anal glands
AIHA - auto-immune haemolytic anaemia
AON - all others normal
AWE acute wet eczema
ax - axial
B - booster
BAR - bright and responsive, or bright, alert, responsive
BARH - bright, alert, responsive, hydrated
bid - twice daily
BifN - back if necessary
BIOP - been in owner's possession
BIW - before if worried (as in revisit in 1 week or BIW)
bs or BS - blood sample
BT - blood test
B/W - black and white
C - cervical (vertebra - usually followed by a number to denote which one)
C - cough
C+ - moderate cough
C++ - severe cough
C- - no cough
CAH - Chronic Active Hepatitis
caud - caudal
CBA - cat bite abscess
CBC - complete blood count (= routine haematology)
Cc - coccygeal (vertebra - usually followed by a number to denote which one)
CCHF - chronic congestive heart failure
cd - caudal
C7d - recheck in 7 days
CDRM - chronic degenerative radiculomyelopathy
CDS - cat and dog shelter
ce - clinical examination
cep - Ceporex
CHF - congestive heart failure
CHF - chronic heart failure
CKCS - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Co - coughv COP - cyclophosphamide/oncovin/prednisolone (chemotherapy protocol)
cr - cranial
CRF - chronic renal failure
CRI - chronic renal insufficiency
CRI - constant rate infusion
CRT - capillary refill time
CS - clinical signs
CS - corticosteroids
C/S or C&S - culture and sensitivity
CSK - Chronic Superficial Keratitis (otherwise known as Pannus)
c-v or cv - cardio-vascular
CVA - cardiovascular accident
Cx - coccygeal (vertebra - usually followed by a number to denote which one)
d - days
D- - diarrhoea absent or diminished
D+ - diarrhoeav D++ - drinking increased
D++ - marked diarrhoea
D+++ - severe diarrhoea
DBA - dog bite abscess
DCM - dilated cardiomyopathy
DD, DDx or DDxx - differential diagnosis
D&D - destroy and disposal
DHLPPi - distemper, hepatitis, Leptospirosis, parvovirus and parainfluenza: dog vaccine covering these diseases
DI - diabetes insipidus
DIC - disseminated intravascular coagulation
DJD - Degenerative Joint Disease
DLH - domestic long hair (non-pedigree cat)
DM - diabetes mellitus
do - days old (following a number)
D/O - drain out (removal of surgical drain)
D/O - dropped off (for treatment or examination)
DOA - dead on arrival
dors - dorsal
DSH - domestic short hair (non-pedigree cat)
Dx - diagnosis
E&A - euthanasia and aftercare
EAG - empty (or express) anal glands
EBT - English Bull Terrier
E/D+ - eating and drinking normally
EDUD - eating, drinking, urinating and defaecating
EOD - every other day
EPI - exocrine pancreatic insufficiency
est - estimate
e/t - endo-tracheal
EUA - examine under anaesthetic
euth - euthanase
ex or ext - external
e(x)d - every (x) days
ex lap - exploratory laparotomy
e(x)wks - every (x) weeks
F - female (see also Fe and Fn)
F1/4 - forequarters
FAD - flea allergic dermatitis
fat++ - obese
FB - foreign body
Fe - female (entire)
FeLV - feline leukaemia virus
FIA - feline infectious anaemia (Haemobartonellosis)
Fin - finish this treatment
FIP - feline infectious peritonitis
FIV - feline immunosuppressive virus
f/l or FL - front legs
FLUTD - feline lower urinary tract disease
FMD - feline miliary dermatitis
Fn - female (neutered)
FNA - fine needle aspiratev FNAB - fine needle aspirate biopsy
FQ - fore quarters
FUO - fever of unknown origin
FUS - feline urological syndrome
ga or GA - general anaesthetic
GDV - gastric dilitation and volvulus
GORK - God only really knows
GSD - German Shepherd Dog
GSHP - German Short-Haired Pointer
GSP - German Short-haired Pointer
H1/4 - hindquarters
H+ - history
HAC - hyperadrenocorticism
HBB - hit by bullet
HBC - hit by car
HBT - hit by truck
HBTr - hit by train
HCM - hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
HCT - haematocrit
HD - hip dysplasia
HGE - haemorrhagic gastro-enteritis
h/l or HL - hind legs
HQ - hind quarters
HR - heart rate
hrs - hours
HRS - high rise syndrome (animal fell off balcony/windowsill)
H's - Horner's syndrome
HX or Hx - history
HyperT4 - hyperthyroidism
HypoT4 - hypothyroidism
I - incisor (tooth - followed by a number to indicate which one)
ID - identification or Identichip
i/d - inter-digital
iid - once a day
im or i/m - intramuscular
IMHA - immune-mediated haemolytic anaemia
impr - improved: followed by a variable number of +'s to indicate degree of improvement
IMTP - immune-mediated thrombocytopenia
inj - inject or injection
int - internal
IOL - Intra Ocular Lens
IOP - intra-ocular pressure
ip or i/p - intra-peritoneal
iv or i/v - intravenous
JAR - "just ain't right"
jt - joint
KC - kennel cough (infectious tracheobronchitis)
KCS - Kerato Conjunctivitis Sicca (otherwise known as Dry Eye)
L - lumbar (vertebra - usually followed by a number to denote which one)
L - left
LA - left atrium
LA - local anaesthetic
LAE - left atrial enlargement
lat - lateral
BD/LD - big dog/little dog (re fight injuries)
LF - left fore
LH - left hind
LHD - long haired domestic (non-pedigree cat)
LI - large intestine
LIU - Lens Induced Uveitis
LL - left lower (eg. eyelid, lip)
ln - lymph node/s
LTF - learning to fly (animal fell off balcony or similar)
LU - left upper (eg. eyelid, lip)
LV - left ventricle
LVE - left ventricular enlargement
M - molar (tooth - followed by a number to indicate which one)
M - male (see also Me and Mn)
manip - manipulation
m/c - metacarpal
MD - myocardial disease
Me - male (entire)
med - medial
min - minutes
mm or Mmb - mucous membranes
Mn - male (neutered)
mo - months old (following a number)
MT - mammary tumour
m/t - metatarsal
MVA - motor vehicle accident
N - normal
NAD - no abnormality detected (or detectable)
NAF - no abnormal findings
nbg - treatment not working
n def - nerve deficit
NNTSA - no need to see again
NOAD - no other abnormality diagnosed
NOAF - no other abnormal findings
no C/S/V/D - no coughing, sneezing, vomiting or diarrhoea
NOS - no other symptoms
NPO - Nothing per os/nil per os
N/S - next step
NSAID - non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug
NSF - no significant finding
nyd - not yet diagnosed
O - owner
OA - osteoarthritis
OCD - osteochondritis dissecans
OCNE - off colour, not eating
OES - Old English Sheepdog
O/F - off food
OOH - out of hours
op - operate or operation
P - pulse
palp - palpate or palpation
PAN - peri-arteritis nodosa
PBT - Pit Bull Terrier
pcv - packed cell volume (haematocrit)
PDA - patent ductus arteriosis
PE - physical examination
PPi - parvovirus and parainfluenza: dog vaccine covering these diseases
PPP - pretty poor prognosis
PM - pre-molar (tooth - followed by a number to indicate which one)
PM - post mortem
PTS - put to sleep (euthanase)
PD - polydipsia
pop - popliteal (lymph node)
pred - prednisolone
prn - as needed (pro re nata - Latin)
prob - probably or problem
PU/PD - polyuria/polydipsia
PUO - pyrexia of unknown origin
Px - physical examination or physical examination findings
Px - prognosis
q200 - owner has been given an estimate of 200 for this procedure (q for quoted)
qid - four times daily
QOL - quality of life
R - right
RA - right atrium
RAE - right atrial enlargement
rbc - red blood cell
RC 1w - recheck in 1 week
RCM - restrictive cardiomyopathy
RDVM - referring Dr Veterinary Medicine
Rex - re-examine
RF - right fore
RH - right hind
RI - re-examine/re-inspect
RI 7d - return in 7 days
RL - right lower (eg. eyelid, lip)
rMRCVS - Referring MRCVS
R/O - rule out
rost - rostral
rpt - repeat
rrm - restricted range of movement, eg in a joint
rrr - resting respiration rate
RS - remove sutures
RTA - road traffic accident
RU - right upper (eg. eyelid, lip)
rv - recheck
RV - right ventricle
RVE - right ventricular enlargement
Rx - prescription or dispense
Rx - re-examine
sc or s/c - subcutaneous/subcuticular
SBI - something bad inside, diagnosis of exclusion for ADR
SBT - Staffordshire Bull Terrier
SHD - short haired domestic (non-pedigree cat)
SI - small intestine
SI - self inflicted
SIBO - small intestinal bacterial overgrowth
sid - once daily
sig - signalment
SIT - self-inflicted trauma
s/m - submandibular
Sn - sneezing
S/O - stitches (or staples) out
S&P - scale and polish (of teeth)
sq - subcutaneous
S/R - suture removal
SS - skin scrape
STO - speak to owner
SWB - salt water bathing
Sx - surgery
T - thoracic (vertebra - usually followed by a number to denote which one)
Tb - tabby
Tb/W - tabby and white
TGO - to go home
tid - three times daily
T-L - thoraco-lumbar
TLI - trypsin-like immunoreactivity
TMJ - temporo-mandibular joint
Tn or TN - temperature normal
TNT - toenail trim
Tort - tortoiseshell
Tort/W - tortoiseshell and white
TPN - total parenteral nutrition
TPR - temperature, pulse and respiration
TPRn - temperature, pulse and respiration all normal
TTO - talked to owner
TWBC - total white blood cells
twds - towards
Tx - treatment
U/A or UA - urinalysis
UGA - under general anaesthetic
ULA - under local anaesthetic
URT - upper respiratory tract
URTI - upper respiratory tract infection
US - urine sample
US or us - ultrasound
UTI - urinary tract infection
V- - vomiting absent or diminished
V+ - vomiting
V++ - moderate vomiting
V+++ - severe vomiting
vacc - vaccinate or vaccine
V&D or V/D+ - vomiting and diarrhoea
V/D - : no vomiting, no diarrhoea
VMB - very much better
vmi - very much improvedv wbc - white blood cell
wmd - white meat diet
WNL - within normal limits
wo - weeks old (following a number)
wt - weight
wt!! - overweight
x/60 - x minutes
x/24 - x hours
x/7 - x days
x/52 - x weeks
x/12 - x months
xr or XR - x-ray
yo - years old