Information about the Gull Terr

The Gull Terr is a breed of dog which is found largely in Pakistan. It was bred from Bull Terriers and the local Bully Kuttas. They are typically found today in heavily rural areas of Pakistan. While they are starting to get worldwide attention, it is because of their size and strength that these dogs find themselves in the hands of people who choose them for blood sports such as dog fighting.

The Gull Terr is taller and a bit more broad-chested than the Indian Bullterr and it comes in three main types, separated by size and use. The short smooth coat is uniform white in colour Coloured Dogs do exist but are very rare. The size varies depending on the specific type, but the average height ranges from 18 inches to dogs that are 26 inches tall they weigh from 40 – 45 kilos. Pure Gull Terr sometimes have Erect ears, Semi Erect or Drop Ears.

The Gladiator Dog Although easier to train than some Bully Kuttas and Gull Dongs, this is a very aggressive breed, best suited for very experienced dog owners. Muscular, well-boned and agile, the Gull Terr is a powerful working Breed with brilliant fighting abilities and guarding instincts. Gull Terrs are very loyal to their master.

This impressive working dog is seen as the Pakistani version of the Indian Bull Terr breed, but there are clear appearance and temperament differences. The Pakistani Gull Terr has drop ears and erect ears like the Indian Bullterrier, but there is difference in terms of physical build, the Pakistani Gull Terr is physically more muscular and is regarded as a better fighting dog than its ancestor the Indian Bull Terr. The Gull Terr name is said to come from the person named hasan gull,he first brought a pair of pure Hinks Bull Terrier from delhi,India to kohat.He introduced these dogs as gull terrs,His famous dog named gully was the best fighting dog in the area. Some of the modern gull terr are a mix of some bully kuttas, but some pure hinks bull terriers are still found in kohat.They are highly valued for their fighting, the pure hinks bull terrier nowadays is getting very rare, a few families have had them from almost a hundred years.

The Gull Terr is used in bear-baiting and dog fighting.

The Pakistani Gull Terr should not be confused with the Gull Dang/Bullygullterr, this is a separate breed (a cross between a Bully Kutta & a Gull Terr). Athletic and tenacious, the Gull Terr are kept as pets and property guarding duties. The most prized specimens come from the legendary Kohat region in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, Pakistan.

Gull Terrs are generally healthy dogs but deafness and mange are common problems. These are specifically bred in Kohat region of Pakistan with vast reputation. These dogs are very active and energetic and love to use their bite. Pakistani Gull terr is widely believed to have deadly locking bite. These dogs are known to be dog killing machines regardless of the size. Top Gull terrs are bred to be fearless and deadly. They are quite intelligent compared to other fighting breeds. They have also been used for hunting wild boars, fox and wolves in Pakistan. Despite its fearless nature they are very friendly and loyal. They need time with their Master otherwise they could grow to be quite savage. They do not like strangers one bit and could be a nightmare for any intruder. They are also easily trainable because of their eagerness to do something. Pakistani Gull Terriers are often wary of strangers. They are very protective of their master and property. Talented and easily trained. They are gladiators and if pushed they will defend their family till their last breath. Good with kids in the family, but should be supervised around those they do not know. Socialize this breed from an early age to make them easier to handle when they are grown. They should not be trusted with other non-canine pets. Loyal, the Pakistani Gull Terrier likes to stay close to their master. If they sense something is wrong they will bark first to alert the owners. With adequate training and discipline, these dogs can be used as ideal guard dogs. Gull Terrier is widely popular for its fast speed and accuracy. These dogs are agile, quick and always on their feet they are same as pitbulls in their fighting abilities. They are excellent personal guard dogs. This breed thrives on firm, consistent leadership. They need very firm training and lots of exercise. Pakistani Bull Terriers must be given a lot of structure, or they may become destructive. Be sure to remain their pack leader 100% of the time, otherwise, they can be extremely aggressive with other dogs.