Thank you so much for your help over the years!

Currently, we ask that if you find a few extra dollars needing a home that you consider supporting one of the excellent animal resources available in your community.

As you know, all SPCAs (for example) are non profit organizations that rely on public donations to help with their operation costs. Most of them do not have access to government funding and without your direct involvement thousands of animals would die needlessly every year.

By donating to your SPCA, you are helping the thousands of volunteers and staff members who are guided by the leadership of their board of directors in fulfilling the SPCA’s mission. You can donate directly to the SPCA at

On behalf of myself, my family, and the beloved animals we love so much, thank you for taking the time to visit, and for any assistance you can help provide. Even if you find yourself unable to lend a hand today, remember in the future when you are looking for a pet that the SPCA and other animal shelters desperately need loving homes for the animals they care for. Visit them, perhaps you’ll find a perfect addition to your family.