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Funny Animal and Pet Videos

If you see a funny videos involving animals, or if you have a pet video of your own online
and wouldn’t mind us showing it to our visitors, please let us know.

If any of the videos are too small to play on this page, just click the [Source] button to see it bigger. The source locations may also have comments and some additional descriptions.

Funny and Awesome Dog Videos

A Compilation of Funny Dog Videos [Source]

Funny Dog Video Compilation (2015) [Source]

Funny and Awesome Cat Videos

Charlie Scmidt’s Cat Playing the Piano [Source]

A Compilation of Funny Cats on Video [Source]

Funny Cats Choir [Source]

Lilo and Baby Rosie [Source]

Other Funny Animal Videos

Frostie Dancing to the Music [Source]

The Amazing Story of Brutus. [Source]

Other Animal Videos

See for yourself how hot a car gets even with the windows cracked. Never leave your pets in a parked car! [Source]