Felines from crossing domesticated and wild cats

Crossbreed cats can have the characteristics of both original breeds


A crossbreed or crossbred is a hybrid animal of two purebred parents. Crossbreed may also refer to a domestic animal where the breed status of only one parent or grandparent is known. Crossbreeding, also known as mixing, refers to the process of breeding such an animal, often with the intention of creating offspring that share the traits of both parent lineages. For example, say you want a cat with the markings of a Bengal Tiger. By crossing the 2 breeds, you can eventually have exactly that. Of course, sometimes you get other traits you didn’t expect, like a mini-sized Bengal stalking and killing your slippers. Or perhaps you didn’t clean it’s litter quickly enough…

1. Bengal
2. Chausie
3. Cheetoh
4. Savannah
5. Serengeti
6. Toyger