Animal Clinics and Hospitals

Differences between an Animal Clinic and an Animal Hospital

An animal clinic is somewhat limited to superficial treatment for rather minor illnesses and injuries. You can speak to a veterinarian who can help you treat your animal, but for serious problems they will likely refer you to an animal hospital.

An animal hospital is far more able to diagnose and treat major problems than an animal clinic, especially for internal injuries. They have very sophisticated equipment to do this, much like human hospitals.
Usually one must be sent to an animal hospital by a vet. They require appointments and will not accept people just walking in with their animals. An animal hospital is for emergencies or operations that your average everyday vet clinic can not handle. They even have an operating room and a full range of sophisticated diagnostic equipment.

In order to help you find medical care for your animals as quickly as possile, below is a list of all the animal medical care professionals we could find. You can either navigate through Canada and USA with the links below.

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