Pet and Animal Pictures

Below you can see a small collection (except for the kittens, their section is pretty big) of some of the animals we’ve been in contact with. Some we helped nurse back to health, some we provided with companionship, walks, and regular visits, and some just happen to believe we are their personal chef and massage staff. But all of them are in our hearts and just adorable. If you have any pictures you would like to share with the rest of the world, just send them to us with a bit of a description and we’ll take care of the rest. Enjoy!

Halloween done right, pets in costume – Oct 29th we received an email with an awesome collecton of pets dressed up for Halloween. You can see them here.

Painted Felines – I recieved an email that had a collection of cats that have had their fur painted or dyed. While it turns out the stunning visuals are digitally enhanced, they still look incredible, check them out.

Our feathered friends – We don’t just visit 4 legs friends, but ones with wings too! Some of these guys like to nibble ears a little too much, but their beauty and intelligence cannot be denied.

BJ – Carlieigh’s pride and joy from last year. This sweet dog was really a joy to be around considering what he had been through.

Fuzzy – This is one of the many animals at the SPCA that Caleigh really liked. It is kind of ironic that the cat’s name is Fuzzy, and she had been recently shaved for an operation…and was definately NOT fuzzy. She also had some incredibly intense eyes.

Gimli – This guy was the perfect pet. Not only was he a great snuggler when held, but he was a blast to watch in his cage. This little guy used to climb up the walls of the his and then hold onto the top of it by the bars and slowly work his way across the roof. He did this fairly regularly, all I can say was his upper body strength was pretty good! hehe.

Joey – Talk about a runner! This rat was fast. We set him up with a pretty sweet cage so he could run and run. Every time we cleaned the cage we redid the tunnels. I am still convinced he was unimpressed, but hopefully he enjoyed exploring the pathways at least a little bit to find where we’d hidden his sleeping area, food and water 😛

Cookie and the Kittens – We fostered 3 kittens and a new mom for 3 months, and in that time these fantastically cute bundles of fur became a huge part of our daily routine. The mother had been abused and the kittens were underfed (one in particular required hand feeding from a bottle to prevent her death). We loved, cuddled and pampered them until it was time for them to go back to the SPCA for adoption. I still miss them.

Shilo – our cat of over 8 years now. She has the typical cat attitude “Dogs have owners, but cats have STAFF!”. Despite that you will see she is not only beautiful but can be very affectionate.

SPCA – For a few years now we have worked to assist the SPCA in Victoria as a personal project. These images are from some of the visits.

White Tigers – On a recent trip we got an opportunity to see some of the world’s few remaining white tigers.

Local Raccoons – My sister gets to travel a lot in the Cowichan Valley, here’s some of the local raccoons that show no fear.

Oh Deer! – One of the people my sister visits has a habit of feeding the local deer, check out how many show up at feeding time.

Friendly Iguanas – Ann Margaret and David getting close to the friendly iguana’s down in Mexico.

Baby Duck Photo Shoot – While checking out the Inner Harbour in Victoria, BC, we came across some adorable baby ducks and their moms.