Crafts and upcoming shows where Ann Margaret and Carleigh raise money to donate to help the animals

Fundraising Crafts

Carlena at the Lansdowne Craft Fair Fundraising for the SPCA. In 2004 over $1500 was raised from sales made during these events.

Our family begins creating these crafts in late spring / early summer in order to have enough bulbs and other assorted goodies ready to sell at the end of summer, when craft fair season starts. As you can see there is usually a fairly decent selection, so if you are in the Victoria area, you should check out the events page and see if you can stop for a visit. I am going to try to get a step-by-step process listed here eventually so you can make some of these items yourselves for your own home, but until the site is finished, this will have to do 😉

As well as christmas tree ornaments, these snowmen make a great addition to the holidays. Our cat actually was convinced we had bought her a new chew toy!