Veterinary terms and definitions – Common vet terms
Veterinary Terminology from A to Z

While we do not have a comprehensive list, I have tried to put together a good start. Hopefully you can find out exactly what your vet is saying when they start to toss out the big words. One thing I have always found difficult about the medical profession is their love of saying things that mean absolutely nothing to you or me. Instead we are often stuck with either looking perplexed and going “huh?” or simply accepting what they tell us is the solution to our beloved pets problems. With these pages you may be able to discover for yourself what they are saying. The odds are very good that your vet is making reasonable and informed decisions, but when it comes to a loved one (even if they have wings, 4 legs or a tail) there is a certain reassurance to knowing what is going on.

With that in mind, just click on the starting letting of the term you are trying to look up, and we’ll do the rest…

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If you have any terms you don’t know that you’d like help with, please drop me a line and I’d be more than happy to research a term for you, email you what I’ve found, and add it to this list.