Our History

About the Bruning Website

Bruning.com was registered in 1995 for one simple reason. My name is David Bruning and I wanted to own “my” domain…which I considered bruning.com to be. Unfortunately it was already owned by a company in South America. But eventually for one reason or another the domain was not renewed, and I snapped it up.

So mission accompished, I owned the domain, but what to do with it? With no immediate ideas the domain languished for several years, until one day my youngest daughter, Carleigh, picked up the idea that we needed to help out the local SPCA. And so our journey began. Over the years our family has fostered animals, made and sold various crafts to raise money to donate, visited the animals and basically did whatever we could to help. A vast majority of this effort was made by Carleigh and by my wife, Ann-Margaret. In an effort to help I turned bruning.com into a website dedicated to helping animals in need.

This of course was still back when html was young, css was unheard of and consequently the site was horribly in need of updating by 2008. Happily, I was able to ignore the task until early January 2012, when a full redesign and proper layout was created. It wasn’t actually rolled out onto the site until the end of April 2012.

Of course children grow up and while our family is still strongly orientated towards helping animals, the boundless enthusiasm and energy of childhood has given way to the challenges of teenage life. We no longer can spend months each year crafting for the annual craft shows and fairs.

Naturally this meant the website also needed to change.

With the opportunity to do a full redesign, you will see that the focus of the site is now more directed towards providing information on animal care and about the animals themselves. We’ve expanded several sections and added entirely new ones – this will take time to fully flesh out as I work 45 hours per week with a commute but it will be completed as quickly as I can find time. We still strongly encourage people to donate to various organizations that represent animals such as the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), but our active fundraising activities are currently limited to online only.

In the past we have picked a few animals that needed operations and helped find funding and vet facilities for the operations but at the moment we aren’t in a position to be able to assist directly. If you do have a pet or animal that is in need of a good home or in need of surgery, please contact me as I am still happy to provide a background and story on bruning.com, along with your contact information.