Animal Events, Craft Fairs and Local Events We Support

Local Events in the Victoria / Vancouver Island / BC Area

Cops for Cancer

- This event is the Canadian Cancer Society's second-highest revenue-generating fundraising initiative in Canada, and for good reason. The funds raised are used on Vancouver Island to help children with cancer. On the Island we have a yearly bike event called the Tour de Rock and during the event there is a head shaving campaign that is enthusiastically promoted through out the region. Check out my brave wife and her sister Linda as they offer up their beautiful hair for the cause. The hair from this event is turned into wigs for cancer patients, so nothing goes to waste.

In the past we joined the local craft fairs (usually the school hosted ones) and raised what support we could to help the local SPCA and related organizations. The women of the family did a fantastic job, raising awareness and helping to fund operations for very sick dogs. They even has a news crew interview Carleigh about her goals and desire to help animals in need. Here is the information for some of the events we participated in:

Oaklands Elementary School Craft Fair
Location: 2827 Belmont Avenue, Victoria, BC
Contact: (250) 595-2444
Date: 2012 dates will be posted when available

Pearkes Arena Rec Center Craft Fair
Location: 3100 Tillicum Rd, Victoria
Contact: (250) 475-5400
Date: 2012 dates will be posted when available

Lansdowne Middle School Craft Fair
Location: 1765 Lansdowne Road, Victoria, BC
Contact: (250) 598-3336
Date: 2012 dates will be posted when available

We participated in these craft fairs over a number of years, I would like to thank everyone for their generous support and to recommend visiting these fairs when they are running, not only do you have a lot of fun and get to meet some great people, but you never know what treasures you may find. If you are lucky you might even get interviewed like we did. Thanks again to the people that came out to see us, we loved talking with you :)

If you know of an event on Vancouver Island that people should know about, contact me, and I'll be happy to help get the word out.