Javanese Longhair Cats

The Javanese is a breed of domestic cat recognized by cat fanciers as a show cat, more specifically an oriental longhair.

The Javanese cat is not from Java nor Indonesia. Genetically they are long-haired Oriental. The term “Javanese cat” was coined by a Helen Smith of MerryMews Cattery circa 1950. It is unknown if she had ever traveled to Indonesia.

According to the Cat Fanciers’ Association, the term “Javanese” is somewhat redundant- the more preferred term is: “Oriental with points”. The Oriental cat with points is the so-called Siamese.

The so-called “Javanese cat”, as distinct from the literal domestic cats of Java, have long, silky coats in a variety of colors. The naive perversity of the name is not evident as the felix vulgaris of Java as almost a rule have very short hair approximately 2 cm long due to the inclement hot and humid equatorial climate.

Javanese cats are referred to by show cat fanciers as colourpoint cats: showing odd or “rare” colors; such as red or white, or patternation; tabby and tortie.

It is noted as an intelligent cat and tends to vocalize, though often for no apparent reason. They are notably fond of play, jumping and human contact and allegedly depressed if regularly not entertained by humans or other pets. Apparently, they are good mouse hunters.

Are shared with the “Balinese Cat” and the “Siamese Cat”. Deafness, joint issues, early-onset arthritis, hip displacement and cross-eye are some defects.

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