Bombay Shorthair Cats

The term Bombay cat is used to refer to two different cat breeds, known as the British Bombay and the American Bombay.

General information

  • Body: Medium sized, Muscular
  • Build: Heavy
  • Weight: 6-11 lbs (2.7-5.6 kg) Males tend to be heavier than females.
  • Average Lifespan: Approx. 15-17 Years
  • Known for: Wanting to keep eating. This can lead to diabetes.

The British Bombay cat is the name given to black cats of the Asian group. It is a cat of Burmese type with a black coat, toes, nose, and copper to greenish eyes. The close-lying, sleek and glossy black coat should be coloured to the roots, with little or no paling. The Bombay is a shorthair breed of domestic cat, closely related to the Burmese.

The American cat breed, named Bombay, was bred in 1958 in Louisville, Kentucky, when Nikki Horner of Shawnee Cattery deliberately bred an American Shorthair with a Burmese for the purpose of creating a domesticated cat that resembled a “miniature black panther”. This earned the Bombay the nickname “parlor panther”. American Bombays have copper or golden eyes, and a jet-black coat. Occasionally, a Bombay kitten may be born sable colored or have a few spots of white on chest, ears, or, tail, because of its relation to the Burmese.

As cited above, Bombay cats love to eat. It is a part of nature. To reduce the risk of diabetes, it is important to feed them at certain times of the day. This will prevent the gaining of unnecessary weight. Do not fall for the
scratching of the food bag or the desperate cries for food. These tactics are used to try to pry out some food from you. It is a very unhealthy habbit that can never be broken.

Bombays tend to be attached to their families and crave attention, and for this reason this breed is highly suitable for children.

Bombay cats are not independent. They seek attention from their owners and people around them often and dislike being left alone for extended periods of time.

Although they like to be around people generally, Bombay Cats also tend to have a certain person whom they pay special attention to in their lives.

Overall, the Bombay breed is intelligent, playful, and attention seeking. They tend to get along well with other cats, as they have an established pecking order in the household. They have a very distinctive purr and love to snuggle. On cold days they can be found next to any source of heat they can find.

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