Information about the Gull Dong

Gull Dong, also known as the Pakistan Bull Dog, is a breed of dog used for protection and dog fighting.

The Gull Dong has different colors i.e. white, black and brindle. Gull Dongs are mostly taller than other Pakistani dog breeds. The Gull Dong is a muscular and very powerful Molosser, strongly built and resilient, deep-chested and with a massive skull a very athletic and surprisingly agile breed. The coat is short, smooth and flat. Minimum height is 30 inches maximum height is 42 inches espesically for males. This larger fighting breed weighs around 120 to 200 lbs.

The Gull Dong is a very aggressive breed and hard to control. They need to be socialized properly in the early age. If one is thinking to adopt a Gull Dong he better pick one in puppyhood. The Gull Dong is a rugged and serious working breed, very dog-aggressive and wary of people it does not know, and not suited for the life of an urban companion, due to its sharp temperament and wariness of strangers, although it can be very loyal and devoted to its master. Intelligent and very alert, the Bully Gull Terr makes an excellent watchdog, but it requires responsible handling and proper training. Gull Dongs are protective of what they perceive as their territory and will guard it against any intruder. They bond strongly with their immediate families and show extreme loyalty and protectiveness towards them.

The Gull Dong is found in Pakistan and known as a Pakistani breed but this breed existed in colonial India before Pakistan came into being. Although the true history of Gull Dong breed is not known because this breed was not bred in a recognized kennel club in colonial India or Pakistan however the Gull Dong is known to be a cross between the Bully Kutta and the Gull Terr which gives it the power and size of the Bully Kutta and the speed and Agility of a Gull Terr which makes it into a great fighter. The Gull Dong in Pakistan is used for dog fighting, security purposes and also used for hunting.