Information about the Native American Indian Dog

The Native American Indian Dog (or NAID) is a dog breed sold in North America. It is reported to be related to husky, Malamute, Chinook, and dogs from Indian reservations. There have also been claims that there is recent wolf heritage in some of these dogs. The Native American Indian Dog is frequently confused with others referred to as Indian dogs.

In May 2008 a Native American Indian Dog was removed from a home in Michigan after local authorities suspected it of being a wolf-dog hybrid. The dog was later returned after tests and analysis were inconclusive either way.

NAIDs range in size from 45 – 100 pounds, traditionally Native American’s dogs were rarely over 70 pounds. They are particularly known for not having a “doggy” smell and are considered one of the least allergy inducing dogs.

Some breeders register the NAID with the National Kennel Club or United Canine Association, but NAIDs are not registered with any major kennel clubs or registries. The American Kennel Club and United Kennel Club do not recognize the Native American Indian Dog as a breed. There are only six breeders of the dog authorized by the founding breeder, although there are other breeders with breeding stock from the founding breeder, with generally the same appearance.