Information about the Plott Hound

The Plott Hound is a large scent hound, specifically a coonhound, originally bred for hunting boar.

The Plott Hound is one of the least known breeds of dog in the United States, even though they are the state dog of North Carolina.

The Plott Hound should be athletic, muscular, and agile in appearance. It should be neither low-set and heavy, nor leggy and light: it has medium build. Its expression should be one of intelligence, confidence, and determination. Its skin should not be baggy like that of a Bloodhound. The Plott is a strongly built yet moderate hound, with a distinct brindle-colored coat. Their appearance suggests the capacity for speed, stamina and endurance. The Plott may have an identification mark on the hound used to identify the dog when out hunting. Such a mark is not penalized in conformation shows.

The Plott Hound’s fur should be fine to medium in texture, short or medium in length, and with a smooth and glossy appearance. According to the National Plott Hound Association, the dog’s fur should be brindled. Brindled: “Finely streaked or striped effect or pattern of black or tan hairs with hairs of a lighter or darker background color. Shades of colors accepted: yellow brindle, red brindle, tan brindle, brown brindle, black brindle, grey brindle, and maltese (slate grey, blue brindle).” Acceptable colors are any of the above mentioned brindles. Black with brindle trim in the alternative. The Association dictates that while some white on chest and/or feet is permissible, white anywhere else, except on chest and/or feet, is a fault.

Plott Hounds are approximately 22 to 27 in (55 to 71 cm) at the withers for males, 21 to 25 in (53 to 63 cm) for females. Males should weigh 50 to 75 lb (23 to 27 kg). Females should weigh 40 to 65 lb (18 to 25 kg).

This breed is active. They have a superb treeing instinct, take readily to water and are quick to learn. They are often indifferent to other dogs but seek the attention of humans. Voice is open trailing, bawl and chop. They have a clear voice that carries well.