Information about the Shih-poo

The Shih-poo is a small domestic dog. It is a cross between a Poodle and a Shih Tzu. The name Shih-poo is a portmanteau of the two breed names.

Associations such as the AKC, the UKC, and the CKC, do not recognize the Shih-poo, or any other designer cross, as a breed.

The Shih-poo is one of many named Poodle crossbreeds, bred in an attempt to combine the characteristics of the Poodle, such as its high intelligence and low-shed coat, with the desirable traits of another breed (in this case, the Shih Tzu). However, it is equally likely that undesirable traits from the parents will be produced as well, so puppies must be carefully selected. Breeds For Some Shih-poo may have a longer, more Poodle-like muzzle than their Shih-Tzu parent, alleviating many breathing problems that Shih-Tzu can experience.

13 to 20 pounds as adult size

Shih-poos come in a large variety of colors. They obviously lose a miniscule amount of hair, but it is minor to such an extent as to be considered a breed that does not shed.