Don’t Make Your Dog or Cat Ill

We can give our dogs any infection they give us, even the flu. Never allow
a dog to lick your face this could make your dog sick. You can spread
contamination by sneezing and yes our pets are susceptible just like humans.

Our pets cannot get measles or mumps, but they can pick up gastrointestinal
problems from us, if we are sick and forget to wash our hands appropriately.

Dogs and Cats do not get athletes foot, but they can pick up fungal
infections that may appear on our nails or even our faces through a nick in
their skin. This also applies to impetigo, and infection that includes
among other germs, Staphaureus, which crosses the human / animal barrier.

What about smoking in the house? Dogs get respiratory infections just like
humans do according to Dr Rainer Horning Dr of Microbiology. If you pet has
emphysema any smoking is certainly going to compromise its health.

Keeping pets infection free involves the same precaution used to contain
their infections from spreading. Avoid close contact with your pet when you
are sick, keep your hands clean, and smoke outside away from your pet.

David the Dogman

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