Frustrated Over High Veterinarian Bills?

Over the past 30 years we have learned so much about taking
good care of our pets, right? We feed them “premium” high
dollar pets foods, give them tasty packaged treats, vaccinate
them yearly, bathe them with expensive shampoos, give them
heartworm preventative, use flea collars or flea and tick
preventative, brush their teeth, and get yearly checkups
with our vets.

Then why are our pets not healthier? Why, instead, are they
getting more and more humanlike diseases such as allergies,
diabetes, thyroid problems, cancer, and on and on? Why are
their coats not so shiny anymore, and they seem to scratch
and itch all the time? Why are they so lazy and sleep all the
time? Why do they still smell bad, have waxy ears, and bad
plaque on their teeth?

The biggest problem points to nutrition, or lack thereof. But
I feed my pet a high premium pet food recommended by my vet
you might say. Exactly – that, however, is the problem. These
so-called premium foods are full of “byproducts”, corn meal,
and many other things our pets were never designed to eat nor
utilize in their bodies. The preservatives alone are not allowed
in human products so how could our pets be expected to digest
these toxins without repercussions to their health? The
“byproducts” are things that should just be destroyed and
not used for anything let alone pet food.

Another problem is exactly the thing you thought were protecting
them: yearly vaccinations. This is a huge problem because the
rabies vaccine is the one that is mandated by law and it the
very worst one for your pets. These yearly vaccinations are
not only not necessary but could be a major contributor to the
diseases that are plaguing our pets. Vaccinosis is the result
of all this over vaccinating and possibly even the culprit
behind all the diagnosed diseases resulting in the decline
of the health of pets.

Combine poor food, over vaccinating, with the toxins from flea
collars, pet toothpaste, packaged treats, and preventative
medicines and you’ve got unhealthy, immune suppressed pets
that lack the energy to do much more than sleep.

Okay, so now what? Fortunately there are solutions and the best
one to start with is food; preferably raw. If that doesn’t
appeal to you there are other solutions and answers to help
you help your pets on the road to wellness. There are now pet
foods on the market that have human grade ingredients without
all the toxic preservatives and byproducts.

There are solutions to protect your pet in lieu of vaccinations
and still comply with the law. Holistic veterinarians have
alternatives to help you in this area.

When a pet has a healthy immune system, they won’t smell bad,
have waxy ears, and cruddy teeth. There are alternatives to
using toxic flea collars and preventative medicines for your
pet. Use the resources provided in this article and you will
find the best solutions for you and your pets. You can lower
your vet bills and your pets can live longer, healthier lives.

Kim Bloomer operates a home and internet business in wellness

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