How to Select the Perfect Kitten


You’ve decided you want to adopt a kitty companion. That’s great!

Kittens are wonderful pets, providing companionship, love and
affection. That said there are some key things you should
consider when adopting your first kitten.

Caring For Kitty:
The first thing you have to acknowledge is that owning a kitty
does require some work. You’ll have to commit to regular
grooming, vet checks, shots, brushing, cleaning of litter boxes
and entertainment.

You can’t simply adopt a kitten and expect it to care for
itself. Kittens much like any other animal also at times fall
prey to illness. You will probably visit the vet once or twice
during your kitty’s lifetime.

That said if you are willing to take the time to care for a
kitten, let’s talk about how you can find the perfect kitty
companion for you and your family.

Key Kitty Features:
There are several things you should do when meeting a kitten for
the first time. Kittens startle easily, and you may get the
wrong impression if you startle a kitten before you meet them.
A normally sweet and lovable kitty might jump, scratch or even
run away.

Here are solid techniques for approaching a kitten for the first

  • Calmly and slowly approach the kitten.
  • Place your hand out slowly palm up and let the kitty
    come to you.

  • Bring a toy to let the kitty play with (this will also
    let you see if the kitty is playful and active).

  • Approach kitty from a kneeling position.

You should know that a kitten that first appears shy is likely
to grow into a shy adult cat. If you don’t mind this, you may
have found a companion. Other people are looking for
particularly playful kittens. If that is the case figure out
which kitten in the litter is most willing to play with the toy
or toys you brought with you during your meeting.

If a kitten runs away from you or scratches and bites, you
probably want to stay away. Many kittens have a propensity for
being temperamental. You want to find the kitty most likely to
be friendly and playful.

Assessing Your Kittens Health

Once you have selected a kitty, make some notes to ensure that
your kitten is healthy. You don’t want to choose a kitty that
is sick from the beginning. Some signs of good health in
kittens are as follows:

  • Shiny coat.
  • Active personality.
  • Sparkly eyes.
  • No secretions or pus from nose or eyes.
  • Average to thin, not pot bellied.

Chances are if a kitten comes up to you and purrs, asking for
pets, you’ve found a lifelong companion.

Neelia Evelyn is a freelance writer and author of “Kitty
Secrets”. Discover how make your cat feel like a million
dollars, check out:

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