Training Dogs to Stay

A properly trained dog is a joy to be around for both the owner
and anyone else you happen to come in contact with. Not only
will it make for a better relationship but it can help save
your pet from being hurt or worse, if he is able to be called
to your side to avoid danger.

You should always use a positive approach to training your dog.
Rewarding him with a treat and praise will go a lot further than
hitting and yelling. Dogs and puppies want your approval and
will try to please you to get your praise.

Once you have taught your dog the two basic commands of ‘sit’
and ‘down’, you are ready to move on to the ‘stay’ command.
This command comes in handy when you are out somewhere and you
don’t want your dog to get into something he shouldn’t or to
keep him contained in a dangerous situation. The steps are
basically the same as for any other training with the action
and command being the differentiating factor. Here’s some steps
you might use to train your dog to stay:

1. Get the puppy (or adult dog) to lay down or sit (You should
already have them well trained in these commands before you can
expect him to stay).

2. Give the ‘stay’ command – some people put their hand up with
the palm facing the dog in sort of a ‘Stop’ command as well.

3. Give praise no matter how long he actually ‘stayed’. Of
course, at first the dog won’t really stay at all, but you must
give the praise anyway.

4. Release him by calling him to you and reward him with praise
and a treat.

5. Praise the dog no matter how long he stays in position. At
first he will only stay for a short time, but as he catches on
you can lengthen that time period and eventually even leave the
room and expect to find him as you left him.

6. Repeat the steps 5 times. No more than 5 times or it won’t
be fun! You can try again later in the day.

Training your dog is important so that you can take him out
without him acting unruly, but you get much more from training
a dog then you might expect. Your dog loves to hang out with
you. He learns to listen to his name. He gets used to doing
things with you, but on your plan. Training helps your dog feel
more secure as it strengthens your position as leader. Spending
a couple of minutes each day training your dog will help build
a strong relationship.

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