Why You Should Use a Leash

Many owners don’t even realize the possible dangers that await
their unsupervised dog. You should treat your dog as you would your
toddler. You wouldn’t let your 2-year-old play outside without
any supervision, and you shouldn’t let your dog do so either.

Most pet owners are unaware that if a dog consumes rotting garbage,
he could go into shock and possibly even die. Another danger not
often recognized is that if a dog is left to wander the woods, and
plays with or ingests small prey carrying parasites (such as a
rabbit), he too may become infected with those parasites. In
addition, there can even be dangers for a dog on your own property,
such as antifreeze on your driveway or different types of shrubs or
toxic plants in your own backyard. A leash is a great way to protect
your pet from the dangers the outside world can hold.

By leashing your dog, you are also acting as a good neighbor. Your
neighbors may not think too fondly of you or your pet if your dog
goes digging holes in their lawn or relieving himself on their
property. Leaving your dog to run free without a leash, even within
your own community, can also put your dog’s health at risk. You
certainly wouldn’t want him to be hit by a car or on a lawn that
has just been sprayed with pesticides. Also, if you have a homeowners
association, you can be fined and/or even asked to remove your pet,
if they have a leash rule that your pet is caught breaking. In many
states you can even receive a fine for an unleashed dog from your
city or county.

Another important thing to remember is that in most states, you can
also be held legally and monetarily responsible if your dog were to
bite someone. Some cases of dog bites have even resulted in the
owner being forced to have their dog put to sleep. Having your dog on
a leash can greatly reduce the risk of this occurring.

While your own fenced is yard is the safest place for your dog to run
free, for those pet owners who have limited space or just want to
allow their dog some larger stomping grounds on occasion, try an
official Dog Park. A Dog Park is intended as a place to allow dogs to
roam without a leash. However, be sure that you still use caution
that your dog isn’t aggressive with the other dogs in the Dog Park.
To find out if there is an official Dog Park in your area, you can
contact your local city government or ask your veterinarian.

In closing, being a dog owner is essentially like being a parent.
Your dog must be supervised at all times. He needs you to keep him
away from potential hazards and dangers, and above all, to keep him
safe. Putting your dog on a leash is a sign of your love and devotion
to him and can help spare you and your dog from any potential harm.
After all he wants your attention! Having him walk side by side with
you is the affection he needs and craves. For the safety and love of
your dog, put a leash on him!

Christina Cole is the owner of
Indulge Your Pet, a website
dedicated to providing pet owners with quality pet aromatherapy
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